Supporters Club

The band is a charitable organization, which exists simply for the enjoyment of the playing members and the public alike. It is funded by means of donations and fees collected for engagements completed at locations all over the Isle of Man.


The cost of maintaining the band, the bandroom, instruments and music library is constantly increasing.


In 2009 the ‘Supporters Club’ was established. The purpose of the Club is to raise funds for the band on an annual basis, and an appeal is usually made to existing members to renew their membership at the time of our annual Subscription Concert.


How do you join the Supporters Club?


It’s simple – print this form, complete the bottom half and send it with a minimum subscription of £5.00 to the Band Secretary. If you'd prefer to receive the newsletter by email, please include this somewhere on the form.


What do you get from the band for becoming a member of the Supporters Club?


As a supporter you will receive at least three mailings each year, informing you of the bands news and engagements. The subscription helps to pay for the administrative costs (postage, photocopying etc.) involved in sending out the information.


Please join and become part of the band.

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