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Over the last couple of days we have updated our list of engagements for the year, please click on the Engagements menu for details. The start time for a number of these have not yet been agreed (Tin Baths for instance) but as soon as we get the details the engagements will be updated.


As with the rest of the website, the Engagements side has gone through a big change. By using the navigation icons at the top, , there are now a number of ways of viewing the engagements, either as a yearly list, a monthly calendar view, a weekly list or engagements on a specific day. The arrow icons,  , will enable you to move either to the next or previous year/month/week/day depending on the current view, you can also jump to a specific month and view the monthly calendar, or you can use the search facility to find engagements with specific keywords such as ‘Villa’.


All our engagements are now categorised (by colour) so that you can see if they are for a specific club and its members and friends, or a parade, an outdoor event or a general indoor engagement. Within the monthly calendar view these categories can be used to filter the engagements displayed.

There are 2 other icons, , which will let you print the current view or send it via email to someone else.


By clicking on the engagement title you can view details about the engagement. For some of them we also show a map of where the engagement will be taking place. Where we show this, if you enter an address in the box below the map and then click the Get Route button, the route will be displayed on the map as well as in a table form. You can also import the engagement details into an electronic calendar such as Outlook by pressing the  icon.


Hopefully these functions will be of use. Any feedback will be appreciated.


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